How Poor Data Hurts Your Business

Imagine the scene…

A new sales person has just taken their seat in your sales team. You’ve gone through an exhaustive recruitment process to find exactly the right person to really drive your stuttuering sales team to new heights.

They have all the experience and market knowledge to add a huge chunk to your bottom line.

So you sit them down at the CRM and show them the ropes. They’re au fait with sales systems and have used your CRM before so the lead time to get up and running is small.

After half a day on-boarding they take an early lunch and they’re back ready and raring to go by early afternoon. The sales director sits in eager anticipation of all the extra commissions coming his way.

The business director and FD are anticipating how the new sales person is going to add business and enahnce the bottom line.

All is well with the world

Then The Problems Start

First call – hmmmm, no ‘phone number. Call the switchboard, end up in a nightmare trying to get a direct dial or be put through. Call ends in frustration after half an hour with no contact made and a useless contact in the database.

Oh well, bad luck.

Second call, “oh no Mr Brown isn’t at this office”.

“Oh O.K, I appreciate your help, where is he?

Ten minutes on hold….”errrr, I think he’s left”!

More poor data holding back progress.

Another three calls with similar outcomes and the outcome on the sales floor is not so much as one contact made and a sales person who realises he or she might have made a mistake!

It’s not just the wasted 90 minutes of your sales person’s time. It’s the massive hit their motivation has taken in just 90 minutes on your sales floor. The realisation, in just this short time frame, that they may have made a bad decision to take a job at your company.

The fully up to date and populated database they were promised has proven to me a myth.

The sales person realises it’s not going to be easy to earn that promised golden commission cheque. Motivation is on the wane already.

Compund The Issue

The sales diretcor drops by….”how’s it going?” she says with huge confidence.

“Not well” comes the frustrated reply.


“Well, five calls made, allw asted because the database has duff information”.

You now have a sales director who is affronted by the allegation of poor information as well as an upset sales person.

Ask yourself….what happens if that pattern continues until close of business on their first day?

You’ve invested heavily in hiring the best and after just half a day, they are totally demotivated and have realised they probably won’t earn the commissions they were promised unless a huge data update project is undertaken!

You were wondering why your sales team were disaffected and underperforming? Now you know why!


Your data is unclean, not fit for purpose. YOu need to get your data clean. Get rid of all the gaps, duplicates and rubbsih information.

Rubbish in, rubbish out. An entrie team of the best sales people in the world couldn’t work with this pile of dirty data! No-one can pull sales out of bad data, no matter how good they are.

It’s a tale of woe and frustration leading to poor sales and huge staf fturnover – one of the highest costs a business has to carry.

How To Put It Right

Simple, get your data clean!

There are many companies who are able to get your data cleaned – hire one of them – NOW if you are in this sort of situation.

Dirty data that is unfot for purpose is the biggest sales killer known to business!

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