Building An Online Marketing Business

They say (I’m never sure who “they” are) that building a digital marketing or online business is tough. I’m not sure why that is because with all the tools and technology that is available to the Digital Marketer I would have thought it would be push button simple.

So, I talked to online marketing entrepreneur Derek Armson to see what I could find out.

“It’s a typical mistake”, he laughs.

O.K, Smarty Pants, why?

Derek gives me a smile, “I’m being facisious! Seriously, the exact reason you have given is why many people do fail. They simply do not know where to start or what tools or techniques to use. If you think about it, there is SEO (search engine optimisation) working for clients, social media, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Amazon selling and product development. And. there are different skill sets and tools needed for each different method of making money online”.

Different Sub Niches

I’d never thought of it like that. So, what facets of digital marketing do you employ?

“Good question, if I just turn back a little. I’d been trying affiliate and product marketing for a good few years and only achiueved sproadic success. I’d made a little bit here and there, but never really entrenched that into a liveable income”.

“About five years ago, I was running out of money and diden’t have any left to invest. My wife was getting on my case, so I sat downa nd thought about it deeply. I realsied that traffic is the lifeblood of any business, but I knew I couldn’t afford to pay for traffic any more. So, I had to find a way of getting traffic that relied on my own time and resources”.

Search Engine Optimisation

“The only way, I realised, to do that was via search engine optimisation. This is where I made my first quality decision. I learned everything I could about search engine optimisation. I invested my last few pounds in learning from some of the best SEOs around. And, having learned how to do one thing properly, and in detail…surprise, surprise, I started to get web pages ranked!”

“I then ranked a friend’s business page for her, and a friend of hers asked me to do the same for her. I charged a base bottom rate but had numerous first page ranikings for her in about a week. She referred me to my second client and very soon I had five SEO clients”.

“I increased my rates and was soon bringing in £3k per month. After trhee months, I bagged my first £1k/month client and two months after that signed up a £4k/month client. Within 9 months of starting I was billing £10k/month – happy wife”.

So, what happened from there on in?

Moving On

“Well, bringing in that sort of income I could then explore other areas of online marketing. I launched my first product and made JV Zoo product of the day. I then moved in to building a big list and promoting affiliate offers.”

“But, I didn’t dso this all on my own. I went out and found an online marketing mentor. I went through a whole exhaustive process to find a mentor. I settled on Paul O’Mahony and his Online Business Mastery course. It taught me everything I needed to know about building an online marketing business. It made me realise how many gaps I had in my knowledge and it filled them in”.

“I have a new SEO and Video SEO product due and I continue to buiold my list by giving away great free information on how to build an online business”.

Return On Investment

“I am also building the affiliate side and am constantluy achieve a 5:1 ROI on my online advertising”.

“So, the message is clear., Find someone who has done what you want to do and copy them,. Better still get mentored by them!”

Thanks Derek for those great insights into Digital Marketing.

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