The Move To Cloud Computing

The move to cloud based computing seemed to sneak up on us didn’t it? Initially it was for storing pictures and then all of a sudden companies like SalesForce were providing highly functional software through SaaS and the Cloud was suddenly very important for companies of all sizes.

Functional Software For All

I guess one of the main things that the move to SaaS and PaaS has provided is the ability to deliver highly functional software and advanced business processes to companies of all sizes.

The economies of scale that the cloud delivers means that even a two man band company can benefit from deploying advanced software, like SalesForce, that five years previous they had no chance of ever beung able to afford.

Affordable For All Too

However, at just a few dollars per month a very small company can employ and deploy the most advanced software. This allows smaller companies to achieve great competitive advantage whilst keeping costs at a minimum.

Of course, the same applies to companies of all sizes, but this sea change has had a particularly large impact with SMEs.

One of the things that really interests me is the knock on effect in supporting servcies though.

I talked to Cloud and SaaS based recruiter Jon Eyres of Harvey Thomas a recruitment agency based in Milton Keynes in the U.K, Their specialist area is anything to do with software development, sales, pre-sales and customer success but to the start up and pre IPO Cloud and SaaS markets.

Now, that is quite a specialist niche, why that particular area?

“First up”, Jon smiles, “it may be specialist, but it’s a large and ever moving niche”.

“The reason it’s so fast moving is that start ups can “come and go” quickly. So, as recruiters in this niche we have to be very proactive in managing both our candidate and client database”.

“Things can move very quickly. A start up can lose funds, be bought out, or simply run out of money. When that happens we have to be able to react. Move people from one project to another quickly and seemlessly”.

Don’t you find that your customers are somewhat unhappy with this approach?

A Different and Pro Active Approach

“I think they are all aware of the risk / reward equation in this market. If they hit a home run, everyone wins. The flip side is if a project or start up doesn’t make it, everyone wants re-assignment as quickly as possible. So, we have to be as proactive as we can. We simply have to keep our finger on the pulse of the market and understand what is likely to happen and when”.

“It is by doing this that we gain a huge competitive advantage over other recruitment agencies trying to sell into this market. We almost career manage many of our regular clients and candidates. In this unique market, I think it’s fair to say the line between client and candidate can often be very blurred!”

Main Recruitment Areas

So what are the main areas you recruit in?

“I think software sales recruitment is our biggest area, we recruit the Guys and Girls that go out and sell this stuff. So as you can imagine, if we don’t deliver the best all that development effort can go completely to waste. The software sales function is vital to success of a Cloud based offering”.

“Another key area is professional services and project manager recruitment within the Saas and PaaS environments. If these projects don’t get the right leadership, again failure beckons. It’s a fine line balancing act bringing these offerings to market”.

Thanks jon, I really appreciate your time and a really interesting insight into the inexorable move to Cloud computing Solutions.

You can find Harvey Thomas by clicking here.

Recruiting In The Digital Marketing Age

Having spent over twenty years recruiting, I know what a vicious market place it can be. I recruited IT staff, for the Banks and they were very discerning clients. I came away twelve years ago. When I did the pace of change was incredible – it always is in technology.

Digital Marketing In the Modern Market

Chris Mason

However, in taking to Chris Mason of Intelligent People, experts in the Online and Digital Marketing space, he tells me that the pace of change in that marklet it’s break-neck.

“Yes, it’s very much driven by technology”, he says somewhat matter of factly, “but the technology drives changes in the job functions themselves. As recently as three to four years ago, we hadn’t heard the term “growth hacker” as a specific job title. Yes, the term was around, it wasn’t really qualtified though.”

Go on, I prompt.

“Now it is one of the most sought after skillsets in Digital Marketing and we have a whole raft of Growth Hacker jobs on our books”.

The Candidate Side

Let’s look at candidates:-

Job candidates these days, conversely, are frequently expected to be informed in up-to-date online marketing systems, and workers with know-how about the up-to-date trends are likely to be scarce, which means that companies attempting to recruit expertise for their online marketing ventures may perhaps have a tough time identifying the right new recruit.

Hiring companies are constantly on the lookout for skills. The job seeker must have a deep ability and an in depth knowledge of the web marketing employment segment, all the diverse fields within it and how they fit together.

The Hidden Market

To hunt for and uncover personnel having the correct expertise for an internet based marketing job, first you must comprehend the market and how the current web marketing procedures all fit together as a whole.

Looking for talented hires for organizations who want to increase their online marketing team or reinstate staff who have quit is not, conversely, a dauntingan job for specialty digital marketing hiring agency Intelligent People.

When co-founders Doug Bates and Chris Mason shaped Intelligent People in 2002 and focused on new media careers, not a soul in actual fact was aware what a huge part the internet was going to play in the future for marketing and retail.

Taking A Gamble

The gamble in finding hires for an undecided market has paid off all these years down the road, mainly because the outfit is now the primary and only call for high-tech organizations of all sizes when they need to appoint specialists with web marketing abilities.

Businesses looking to hire in this market recognise from practical experience that the experts at Intelligent People can help them unearth quality job seekers fast, as the provider has been hiring for a large amount of these customers effectively for in excess of a decade.

Detailed Candidate Tracking and Management

“Doug Bates, who set up the corporation from the begining with his business affiliate Chris Mason, remarks, “We keep records of all online retail and web-based marketing contenders we’ve provided in previously and remain in contact with them on a regular basis, so we know if they’re ready to find another job and then we can match them with suitable customers’ demands.”

“Because we’ve been around for such a long time, we have some of the most recognized online retail enterprises on our clients list.

Yet we also have new high technology online companies who have been aware of our reputation and asked us to assist them to employ people.

We understand the industry extremely well and are familiar with what exactly an exact role will require.”

Furthermore we get to become very well acquainted with the applicant before presenting them for a role,” Chris goes on|As well, our specialists investigate each applicant’s expectations and work ambitions to get a feel for the opportunity they would be content in.

So, what jobs are we looking to fill at the moment?

eCommerce Director Vacancies

Digital Director Jobs / Head of Digital

Growth Hacker Jobs

If you want to find out more about Intelligent People you can find them at

The Importance of Business Process Marketing

network_marketingWhat is a business process? It is a type of management wherein discipline is implemented in order for a business to grow in excellence, and at the same time improves its resources and the performance level of every business conduct. The purpose of a business process is to mainly fuel what has been lost by a business owner such as unable to find a resolution, and this is the best time to bring back the focus through exchanging of innovative ideas. Decision making may be tough, but it is a must for you to weigh things for your business. Strategies should be planned in accordance so that there is something to look forward as you are building your business.

How does it work? You must understand that in every organization or company there are objectives that you need to meet. For instance, seeking new business partners and the expansion of customers. However, as you go through along the process, you may have times of inefficiency, slow pace of work, redundancy and unreliable, but with the use of a business management process this will eliminate its causes and revive what has been lost by using models, an analysis to make the performance even better, and will produce an evaluation that has a good outcome. Remember that if your goal was not met, it is about time that you make another set of goals that are fresh and smart.

What are the benefits that you can gain for your company?

Benefits are important because this will assist you and your employees to accept the change that will happen. Stepping out of your comfort zone is one way for you to be able to reach out your goals for the enhancement of your business.

  1. Effective- as the process becomes efficient, the business management process tool is ready for use for it to be more effective. You’ll then realize that decisions are prioritized in the hierarchy, and you will have the ability to carry on exceptions better and faster; leading to a definite, precise information. The execution of your decisions is consistent, especially when you are dealing with your customers. As all these are operating effectively with a good structure of objectives and strategies, your company will the be more profitable and competitive.
  1. Efficiency- Progress is very important in every business, and one of the major factor that contributes to effective goals is its efficiency. If this is disrupted, it is expected that there is a failure in managing the business thus the business objective is no longer visible.
  1. Skills- As the business world is getting more competitive, it is most likely that you have to develop skills or the agility to conduct a critical point of view towards laying out your plans with people who are also assisting you in making your goal becoming a reality once again. With so market_driversmany people in the competition, you must also think of ways to survive with new ideas such as having a new set of business partners, being open to new business opportunities. If you think you need this for your company, for sure there is a big change that will happen. Expect things as it goes about and hopes for a good future.

The business process is very ideal for a continuous change towards the success of your business. This does not lead you to the failing side because it will create a big impact on your business and to your employees as well. Adapting to change is one truth that you are flexible when it comes to accepting the need for new things to happen in your business.